About Us

Pharmacists helping other pharmacists.

Why we are here...

This site has been created to help promote the role of Independent Prescribers in the UK. We believe this relatively new role can help patients in the UK, by allowing them to access professional prescribers which have a greater variety of expertise.

We are an independent site and not affiliated or run by the NHS / GPhC / RPSGB.


Mission & Vision

The aim of this site is to provide up to date information about the progression of the Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP) role and intends give prospective students the ability to connect to our DPP database of accredited users.


This site has been created by Voyager Medical and is powered by hubnet.io.

a brighter future for healthcare

Our strength lies in our diversity, not only race and gender but expertise. The more prescribers from different backgrounds mean fresh new eyes on old problems.